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Delivery Laundry Service

We offer delivery laundry services in Halifax, NS.


Laundry Delivery Service Area

We service HRM from Lower Sackville to Eastern Passage, Cole Harbour to Bayors lake and everything in between!
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Feeling Left Out?

If your neighborhood isn’t yet serviced, join our waitlist below to help let us know where to expand next! And, we’ll include a $10 off coupon code for your first order.
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Get answers

  • How does pricing work?
    Pricing is simple. Pay-As-You-Go is $2.25/lb + $8 delivery fee + $5 service fee with a $30 minimum . For repeat customers we charge 1.90/lb with a $5 service fee.
  • How do I prepare for pickup?
    You may use garbage bags for the first time of your laundry pick up. We provide free reusable fabric bags to our weekly and biweekly subscribers.
  • What days do you pickup and deliver?
    We operate Monday to Friday with pickups and deliveries between 5pm - 8pm.
  • Do I need to be home for pickups and deliveries?
    No! Convenience is the key focus of SudDrop. After placing your order, simply place out your laundry and continue with your day. The next day, your clean, freshly laundered, dried, and folded clothing will be delivered to you.
  • What time are pickups and deliveries?
    Pickup and deliveries take place between 5pm - 8pm. We will send you a message when we are on the way to pickup!
  • What is the turnaround Time
    You will receive your laundry within 48 hours of pickup. Repeat services have a free 24 hour turnaround.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your neighborhood serviced for laundry pickup and delivery?

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