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Laundromat Near Me

Save time by skipping the laundromat. Let SudDrop pick up, clean, and drop off your laundry.

Save 15% off your first order

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100% 5 Star Reviews

How SudDrop Works


Schedule a pick up when you need it via our site or the app.
Service is available multiple days a week between 4pm and 7pm
— even if you’re not home!

Expert Cleaning

Enjoy the extra 3 hours you save each week with SudDrop while your items are expertly cleaned by masters of clothing care with decades of experience.

Fast Turnaround

Relax with delivery right to your door. Standard turnaround is

1-2 days with Rush options available.
On your delivery date, we’ll notify you when to expect your valet.

Try SudDrop Now

Save 15% off your first order


Wash & Fold

The most effortless way to handle everyday laundry.


SudDrop Repeat

With our repeat service you can get your laundry done for a discounted price plus $0 delivery fee!



Get your laundry done when you need it the most. This option includes delivery & service fees associated with the cost.

Schedule a pickup

You can schedule a pickup any day of the week. Your Valet will arrive between 5pm and 8pm to pick up your clothes.

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Professional cleaning care

Lights and darks are separated and washed in cold water. Hypoallergenic detergent and fabric softener are free upon request.

Your clothes are delivered to your door, crisply folded and your socks paired, ready to be worn or put into drawers.

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Ready to wear

Laundromat Near You

Looking for a hassle-free and reliable laundry service in Halifax? Your quest ends here with SudDrop's exceptional laundry pickup and delivery service!

At SudDrop, we bring expert clothing care right to your doorstep in Halifax, ensuring convenience and top-notch service. With over a decade of experience, a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, and a dedication to using eco-friendly products, SudDrop is your trusted partner for the most convenient and high-quality laundry delivery service in Halifax.

Whether you're in need of a nearby laundromat or seeking a seamless door-to-door wash and fold laundry service in Halifax, SudDrop has you covered. Our user-friendly website and mobile app make scheduling laundry pickup and delivery a breeze, available multiple days a week. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding time for a trip to the laundromat – SudDrop is here to make laundry a stress-free experience for you in Halifax.

What Halifax Customers have to say about SudDrop

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"We just started using SudDrop earlier this year and they have been fantastic. Very easy to communicate with them and the service is excellent and very organized."

- Elan M., Halifax NS


Get 15% off your first pickup

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