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Clothing Donations Redefined: SudDrop's Halifax Initiative

Did you know that the average person discards around 81 pounds of clothing per year? That's like tossing out the weight of your average 5th grader annually – a startling amount when you think about it!

At SudDrop, we're not just about cleaning clothes; we're passionate about reducing unnecessary waste and making a positive impact on our communities. That's why we offer free clothing donation pickup – to make it easy for you to contribute to a cleaner environment while helping those in need.

Charitable Organizations SudDrop Collaborates With

When you choose SudDrop for your clothing donations, you're ensuring that your gently used items find their way to those who truly need them. We're proud to partner with reputable organizations that share our commitment to community well-being.


By donating to your local Goodwill through SudDrop, you're contributing to a cause that goes beyond just clothes. Goodwill aims to "help people overcome challenges to build skills, find jobs, and grow their careers through the power of work." Learn more about Goodwill's nationwide impact and the inspiring stories of those they've assisted.

Salvation Army

Our collaboration with the Salvation Army often focuses on supporting local disaster relief efforts and community services. The Salvation Army has a long-established history of providing clothing and financial assistance to those in need. Discover how your contributions can make a difference in the lives of individuals and families through the Salvation Army's official website.

Canadian Diabetes Association

In addition to our partnerships with Goodwill and the Salvation Army, SudDrop establishes connections with local organizations in each of our service cities, including the Canadian Diabetes Association. Your donations to this organization help fund research, support programs, and advocacy efforts for individuals affected by diabetes. Learn more about how the Canadian Diabetes Association uses your contributions to improve the lives of those with diabetes.

How to Donate Clothes With SudDrop

Ready to make a difference? It's easy – just hand your gently used clothes to your Valet in a paper or plastic bag (not your SudDrop bags!) during a regular pickup or delivery. Ensure the bag is marked for donation or let your Valet know personally. While we can't complete a scheduled pickup solely for clothing donations, you can hand them over during any Rinse service such as Dry Cleaning or Wash and Fold.

Let's join hands to create a cleaner, more compassionate world. SudDrop – cleaning clothes, creating change. 💙🌍 #SudDropCares

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