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Wash & Fold

Wash & Fold is the perfect service to use if you want to avoid doing laundry and save your time and your sanity.

SudDrop will pickup, clean, and deliver your laundry right back to your door. Your clothes get their own machine, are cleaned according to your preferences, and delivered neatly folded – we even pair your socks.

Let SudDrop do your laundry for you so you can focus on more important things.

How it works

We inspect your clothes and check your pockets

We do “pocket inspections” for you so nothing ends up in the wash that shouldn’t. All pockets and clothes are inspected before being washed.

We clean your items with extra care

Your lights and darks are separated and all your clothes are washed using cold water to preserve color (and save energy).

We wash your loads
according to your choices

Need hypoallergenic detergent? Want fabric softener? Just select the laundry preferences that are right for you.

We fold everything so that you don’t have to

Your clothes are crisply folded, and your socks are paired, ready to be worn or put away when we deliver your clothes to your door!


Most Popular


SudDrop Repeat

Our most convenient plan priced by the bag. Enjoy free Next-Day Rush Service, and savings to 55% vs Pay-as-you-go.

Priced by bag


Price by bag, starting $55/bag

If it fits in the bag, we'll wash it

Always Free Pickup & Delivery

Free Next Day Rush

Same predictable pickup day



If you only need our Wash & Fold service every once in a while, this is the choice for you. Same great service.

Priced by pound


Price by the pound

Household items priced separately 

$8 Pickup & Delivery Fee

SudDrop bag fee $10 (new clients)

Standard Turnaround 1- 2 days

Next Day Rush $8

Additional Fees

Service Fee

Each order includes a service fee which helps us provide a great experience and service.

Delivery Fee

This helps cover picking up and delivering your laundry. Repeat services get free delivery!

Next Day Rush

With next day rush you'll receive your laundry within 24 hours. Repeat services are free!

Failed Pickup

This helps ensure expenses. if your valet is unable to obtain your bags on pickup.

Why Choose SudDrop


Schedule a pick up when you need it via our site or the app.
Service is available multiple days a week between 4pm and 7pm
— even if you’re not home!

Expert Cleaning

Enjoy the extra 3 hours you save each week with SudDrop while your items are expertly cleaned by masters of clothing care with decades of experience.

Fast Turnaround

Relax with delivery right to your door. Standard turnaround is

1-2 days with Rush options available.
On your delivery date, we’ll notify you when to expect your valet.

  • How much does it cost?
    Our pricing is simple. With our flat rate laundry bag makes laundry day hassle free. If it fits in your SudDrop bag, we'll handle it. For Pay-as-you-go customers we charge by the pound. For more info check out our pricing page!
  • How do I prepare for pickup?
    You may use garbage bags for the first time of your laundry pick up. We provide free reusable fabric bags to our weekly and biweekly subscribers.
  • What days do you pickup and deliver?
    We operate Monday to Friday with pickups and deliveries between 4pm - 7pm.
  • Do I need to be home for pickups and deliveries?
    No! Convenience is the key focus of SudDrop. After placing your order, simply place out your laundry and continue with your day. The next day, your clean, freshly laundered, dried, and folded clothing will be delivered to you.
  • What time are pickups and deliveries?
    Pickup and deliveries take place between 4pm - 7pm. We will send you a message when we are on the way to pickup!
  • What is the turnaround Time
    We offer next day delivery for our repeat customers. For Pay-as-you-go customers we offer 1-2 day delivery.
  • Do you accept walk in orders?
    We do not. All ordering is processed online for pick-up and delivery service. Got questions? Feel free to contact us here.

Delivery Service Q&A

Laundry Delivery User Guides

This in-depth guide to your first laundry service walks you through FAQ from scheduling all the way to getting your clean clothes delivered.

download (19).png

What To Expect?

Does leaving your clothes out for pickup seem strange? It’s not! It’s common. Here are some tips from our delivery drivers.

IMG_6542 2.heic

Leaving Clothes Out

There is no one size fits all solution – but here is some advice from our current customers to help you find your sweet spot.

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Laundry Frequency

Still have questions?

Find out more about SudDrop

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